Friday, August 28, 2015
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"Javorov do" on Bjelašnica mountain

"Javorov do" (Maple valley) is located on Bjelašnica mountain some three kilometers far from the ski center Babin do in the direction of Šabići village.

This place is rather unknown to the public, even to those who spend a lot of time in the nature on Bjelašnica or nearby mountains. We found "Javorov do" during the preparation for a bicycle trip on Bjelašnica and villages located in the direction of Treskavica mountain. Initially, we wanted to follow the main asphalt road to Dejčići village, but while observing the Google Earth map we noticed that there is some kind of the road that leads from Babin do on Bjelašnica to Dejčići village. Some photos of the place on the middle of the road named "Javorov do" were enough for us to decide to visit it. Our decision was among the good ones that day.

What is "Javorov do"?

Even after visiting that place we are not 100 percent sure what is it's main purpose. Bjelašnica is a mountain that has no lakes - except this new one built on this location. If the owner wanted to built some kind of ethno village we doubt that older generations on Bjleašnica mountain had amphitheaters in their villages. Everything seems unfinished, but in every detail you can feel the quality and great care. Somebody with a poet soul decided to build a place suitable for poets and artists in the hart of the mountain, but also a great place for kid's play and family weekends.

We couldn't see any building as a sign of the restaurant or hotel, but place is suitable for camping or barbecue. Everything was empty when we arrived, so we couldn't ask anybody for more details, but we believe that you will enjoyed the photos and maybe someday decide to find this mountain oasis of peace in the maple woods.

How to get there?

"Javorov do" is located on 1250 meters above sea level on Bjelašnica mountain. Easiest was of getting there is by the asphalt road over the famous ski resort Babin do. Some 1,5 kilometers to the west, in the direction of the Šabići village, you should turn left and drive over a nice macadam road 1,5 kilometers more until you see on your left the gate of this resort.

In the same area you can find and visit Klokočevica cave, but we hadn't time to do so.

Enjoy the photos!

High quality photos can be found on our Facebook page so feel free to visit it and like it :)


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