Saturday, March 28, 2015
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Giro di Sarajevo 2012. photo gallery

More than a 1.500 cyclists from all over the Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad came yesterday to Sarajevo to attend the best organized Giro di Sarajevo event so far. Great atmosphere filled the streets of Sarajevo while cyclist ride from Dobrinja to Vijećnica library on the main streets with the police escort.

Great number of cyclist was a big surprise even for organizers, citizens association "Giro di Sarajevo", that prepared just 1000 registration numbers for attendants. Registration took some additional time at the start so the beginning was slightly delayed, but everything was accepted with cyclists patience.

It was a great sight to see that number of cyclist on the streets of Sarajevo. It was more than evident that this city need some serious cyclist infrastructure for those who like cycling today, but with knowing that this number increase rapidly year by year. This was one giant step toward the accomplishment of the main goal  - "We want cycling lines in Sarajevo - our lines!"

Many cyclists expresses their wishes for more than one Giro in the next year - at least one on the beginning of the season and one at the end. We will  see what would happened, but hope to see you all on the next Giro, next year...

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